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Its contents are the sole responsibility of ENEREA Észak-Alföld Regional Energy Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability  Company Public Organisation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. 

The EU's 10 cross-border cooperation programs between Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine in the 2014-2020 financial framework, funded by the ENI and the ERDF.

The Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Program was launched in the period 2007-2013. The European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) supports cross-border cooperation along the Union's external borders.

The tender entitled HUSKROUA / 1702/6.1/0138. - “Way out of Energy Trap - more consciously for less energy” is implemented by the following partners the Hungarian ENEREA Észak-Alföld Regional Energy Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability  Company Public Organisation.; the Ukrainian Hromadska organizatsia "Centr Yevropeiskykh Initsiatyv" Non-Governmental Organization "European Initiatives Center" and the Slovak Regionalna Inovacna Agentura z.p.o.

Please visit the official website of the project for more details:  http://www.huskroua-cbc.net/hu/a-programrol



Way Out of EnergyTrap


EnergyTrap is designed to help students learn simpler ways to save energy at school and at home. Make them aware of the importance of conserving natural resources in order to significantly reduce energy waste in school and family environments and develop support for energy from renewable sources.

In order to achieve these goals, various educational and attitude-forming tools will be procured and developed within the framework of the project.

In order to effectively implement attitude formation, we plan to place a mobile container in the school environment to engage the target group and hold the sessions, which will be there as long as a certain number of students participate in the sessions in a rotation system.

The project also plans an online competition based on professional materials available on the online interface, the best of which will be able to take part in a solemn award ceremony as a result of a final competition. Schools that learn about good energy saving practices compete on their own, based on criteria developed jointly with the project partners, at specific times.

The project aims to encourage the active participation of students and teachers in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing them with training on how to make schools and homes energy efficient. He would also like to draw attention to the importance of conserving natural resources.

Within the framework of the project, we expect the active participation of 3,000 people in environmental actions and awareness-raising activities.

Family members of teachers and students, institutions involved in the project, and local communities contribute to the results of the project.

Beneficiary applicants will also benefit from the results of the project by maintaining the means of environmental actions and awareness-raising activities.

The project innovation lies in its "Way out EnergyTrap room" training facility, which is a mobile 21st century facility that meets the needs of Generation Y and further developed with the digital equipments.


The "ENERGY TRAP Room is an "escape game" (portable mobile unit) where solving various energy-related tasks helps players "get out" of the ENERGY TRAP room. It is an interactive playground with physical and digital equipment that provides good practices for energy conservation and teaches and illustrates the relationships between energy production and use using general educational methods.

Online tools developed to raise awareness of energy savings:

  • we can read about energy saving and the protection of natural resources
  • it is possible to obtain a certificate
  • online games on energy saving and renewable energy that support reading.
  • organizing online competitions (Way Out of EnergyTrap)


The various tasks in the EnergyTrap room provide an opportunity for students to learn how to save energy in schools and home environments with simple tools. They can learn about the importance of conserving natural resources to prevent energy waste in both school and family environments and they can also contribute to the promotion and use of energy from renewable sources. The EnergyTrap room provides an 18-month training place for local school groups.

In addition to the above the project includes the implementation of events planned by professionals and partners:

  • Workshop of experts working in the competition twice in Hungary
  • Organizing an online competition
  • Holding three awards events (two-day events in Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia)
  • Partnership meetings in Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia


For details on the project and the program, please follow the links below:





The partners involved in the project



ENEREA Észak-Alföld Regional Energy Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability Company

The Regional Development Council of the Northern Great Plain, as the initiator of many regional developments, has recognised the need to establish an organisation to facilitate the transfer of international experience and to create domestic practice in the Northern Great Plain region, which is an excellent region for the utilisation of renewable energy sources.

As a result of this initiative, ENEREA Nonprofit Ltd. was established in 2009 within the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

The main objectives of the company are to promote energy efficiency, to support the rational use of energy resources, to promote the use of new and renewable energy sources and to support energy diversification in the North Great Plain region.

Our activities focus on energy efficiency, renewable resources, climate protection and energy policy. In order to help decision-makers, economic operators and society to realise the benefits and potential of "alternative" energy sources as soon as possible, the Energy Agency organises programmes, cooperates with other organisations, professional associations, companies active in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry.

In the course of our daily work, we provide professional information to businesses, municipalities and private individuals on current sources of funding, and we also carry out project preparation and management tasks.



Regional Innovation Agency

The Regional Innovation Agency was established on 23.4.2008 with the following tasks:

  1. ensuring the coordination of joint activities and professional services in the following areas: business, organisational and economic consultancy activities information offices preparation and development of technical proposals, graphics and drawings
  2.  Engineering activities: 
    -providing input documents, surveys, expert opinions and technical opinions, representing the investor in the zoning, building and construction permit procedure, preparing the procedure for the selection of the contractor, providing the necessary documents for the necessary permits, including the documents required for the zoning, building and construction permit, ...). 
    -advisory activity in the preparation of projects for the use of EU financial resources from the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund 
    -processing of economic projects for the mobilisation of Union financial resources from the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund 
    -technical and organisational assistance for the implementation of projects for the mobilisation of EU Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund financial resources 
    -marketing advice 
    -accountancy advice 
    -media consultancy 
    -advisory and development of security projects for the protection of personal data 
    -advice and development of security projects for entrepreneurs 
    -consultancy in the fields of personal development, image and colour 
    -consultancy and certification in the field of management and quality systems 
    -consulting and certification of quality management systems for non-designated products 
    -consulting and certification of quality services and persons 
    -advice in the field of social behaviour 
    -advice on healthy lifestyles and healthy nutrition 
    -advisory activities in the field of personnel management 
    -advisory, consultancy and training services in the field of human resources development (coaching) 
    -provision of organisational, technical and information services in the field of transport 

Carry out educational activities outside school:

  • tutoring and preparing pupils and students (for exams, interviews, etc.) in groups or individually
  • extra-curricular activities in interest groups 
  • organising courses, training and seminars
  • training activities in sales promotion, production and trade 



Non-Governmental Organization "European Initiatives Centre"

The Center for European Initiatives is a voluntary local NGO. In its activities it is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Associations of Citizens" and other regulations of Ukraine, as well as the Charter of the organization. The Center is a non-profit, non-profit organization that unites the interests of its members interested in the development and implementation of regional and international cross-border projects. Acts on the basis of voluntariness, equality of members, self-government, legality and transparency. The Center realizes its statutory goals through all activities not prohibited by law.

Mission and tasks

  • Research and promote the development of local initiatives, promote foreign economic and investment activities, the development of cross-border cooperation with interested organizations in the regions bordering Ukraine and the European Union.
  • Initiation and development of projects for the development of border, transport, tourism, utilities, environmental infrastructure, youth and sports, cultural and ethnic centers, as well as the implementation of development strategies based on them in the Carpathian region.
  • Improving the system of information support for the development of local self-government.
  • Introduction of a deeper study and assessment of the internal natural, economic, scientific, labor potential of the border regions.
  • Promoting the creation of a new generation of specialists in regional development, cross-border cooperation and European integration, including with the involvement of foreign experts, exchange of experience, publication of joint information publications.
  • Informing interested institutions, organizations, institutions and the public about their activities.
  • Organization of conferences, symposiums and other cultural events.
  • Satisfaction and protection of legitimate social, economic, national-cultural and other rights and interests of its members.
  • Implementation of other activities that meet the purpose and contribute to the tasks of the Center and do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine.

Sphere of activity

  • Local institutional development and cooperation.
  • Enterprise, agriculture and tourism.
  • Education, science, innovation.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Preservation of local traditions and customs, historical and cultural heritage and cooperation in cultural development.

Contacts: 88018 , Ukraine , Zakarpattia region. , Uzhhorod , street Schwabskaya, 71, a. Tel: + 38-099-3254990, E-mail: CEIUzhgorod@gmail.com




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